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There are thousands of reasons for the relaxed Scandinavian style
with COPENHAGEN. Let’s start with six of them…

Sanfte Töne


Muted tones set the tone

Loud colours? No, thank you! Understated fawn brown, saffron, rust, deep eggplant, stone, classic black, petrol, and navy blue. Genuine lambskin for true Hygge vibes.

Der Aha-Effekt


The aha effect

Innovative workmanship is the finishing touch. Our materials are crafted using new processes, which create a special cracked finish. Our reptile finish is close to the original, and our washed effects ensure a casual, vintage look.

Der Aha-Effekt
Nicht mehr sondern besser


Not more, but better

Our leather comes from Tuscany – famous for its tanneries and leather processing. Even the insole is made from calfksin, and all pieces are finished by hand.

Finesse in Feinheiten


An eye for the finer points

Our details are based on more than just passing trends. They have function and style: Flats have padded footbeds, boots come with a treaded sole and sneakers will win you over with double faced lambskin lining.

Finesse in Feinheiten
Nicht nur reine Formsache


More than mere formality

Whether pointed or square, oval or round, robust or lightweight ankle boots, light summer flats or with high-cut toe cleavage: We believe comfort is as important as style.

Made to Move


Made to move

Construction paired with distinctive, functional details. Shoes and sneakers for wearing around the city and on the go.

Made to Move
Wappen schwarz


It’s not all about looks.

Our shoes are the perfect combination of timeless style and quality,
as well as pure serenity.

The most wonderful accessory ever.

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I did not even know that there were any better condition to escape to.