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happy people shoes

happy people shoes

We are celebrating the Copenhagen lifestyle at our ateliers. We love design, the cosy concept of Hygge, spending time with family and friends, modern thinking and, of course: riding bicycles!

Open, effortless, cheerful, modern, constantly on the go, and yet, connected to nature. We design urban shoes for creative individualists who focus on what matters. Our design principle: ‘Keep it simple but significant’.

Copenhagen Shoes - Unsere Produkte
Copenhagen Shoes - rot

Straightforward design meets artisanal expertise. Made at the best production facilities, and from the most beautiful Italian leather with loving attention to detail. Whether it’s flats, casual sneakers, or high heeled ankle boots, everything is crafted on shoe lasts and made from high-quality leather for maximum sturdiness at a fair price.

Copenhagen Shoes - Stil
Copenhagen Shoes - Unsere Mission

Design for urban individuals. Clean, straightforward, intelligent – as are the shoes we make. Functionality, comfort, and style meet the needs of a modern, active, metropolitan lifestyle and keep up with those who are always on the go. We are convinced: we all need good shoes!


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Walk Danish - we make shoes for happy people.

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